The New Era: Lost Mountain

Virginia’s acclaimed RdV Vineyards, created by Rutger de Vink in 2006, ushers in a new chapter as ‘Lost Mountain’; The estate, known for putting Virginia on the world wine map, has just been acquired by Eutopia Estates*, owned by the Bouygues family. The “American Grand Cru” joins their group of iconic French wineries representing their first step abroad.

In Unison

In anticipation of this exciting transition, de Vink entrusted the estate to successors who cherish the same foundational values: family, exceptional products, respect for the land, and a visionary approach. 
The first visit of the Bouygues family to the Estate solidified this. Facilitated by Pierre Graffeuille, who already knew about RdV’s world-class wines, it was obvious both parties share many values in common. 

In many ways, the Bouygues family has embraced Rutger’s vision of creating an iconic wine in an unlikely location, making them the perfect fit to guide RdV Vineyards into its next era.

From RdV Vineyards to Lost Mountain

The rebranding is a natural outcome of the purchase and a celebration of new era. Doing business as “Lost Mountain” rather than RdV (Rutger de Vink’s initials), pays tribute to the remarkable terroir of this ancient knoll once beloved by America’s founding father, George Washington. 

Lost Mountain Enters the Eutopia Estates Family

The visionary brothers, Martin and Olivier Bouygues, developed one of France’s largest family conglomerates, operating in construction, media and telecommunications.  They also hold a strong passion for wine and agriculture, which came to fruition in 2006 with the purchase of their first winery, Château Montrose. Today, they oversee four exclusive French wine estates, a Cognac house, and a truffle farm.

Charlotte Bouygues, daughter of Martin Bouygues, spearheads the group’s strategic development. As her mother, Melissa Bouygues is American, Charlotte embodies a unique confluence of American innovation and European tradition. The acquisition of the American Estate, bridging cultures across the Atlantic, represents their first step abroad and the opportunity to highlight their group by naming it *Eutopia Estates*, “the place of the good, of the joy”. This is a tribute to the excellence of the terroirs and to their passion.

A New Impetus for Lost Mountains

Founding winemaker Joshua Grainer MW, will continue to help the Estate alongside Pierre Graffeuille, ensuring quality and reverence for the vineyard’s storied past while steering it toward a promising future. This acquisition is a unique opportunity to continue developing the exacting work that has made the reputation of the estate.

Today, the logo embraces its full meaning: three birds perched in a row, two looking to the future, but the third, with its head, turned, surveying the past—just like the values of both the former and the new owners and this new page that is being written.

*Eutopia Estates is the future brand name of SCDM Domaines and gathers: Château Montrose and Château Tronquoy in St-Estèphe (Bordeaux), Clos Rougeard in Saumur (Loire Valley), Domaine Rebourseau in Gevrey-Chambertin (Burgundy), Distillerie de la Métairie in Cognac and a truffle farm in Chinon (Loire Valley), La Truffière de Cément